FAQ's over the Year's

How do I get the key to the condo ?

If you arrive on the island during my property manager’s normal business hours you can pick up the key directly at this office. (Please see rental contract for Playa Azul Realty business hours) If you are arriving to the island outside business hours Playa Azul will leave the key with security at the main Gate.

What is the address of your condo ?

Puerto Rico does not have any recognizable physical addresses like the states. You cannot put a detailed physical address into your GPS for our condo complex. You can only go by landmarks, cities, etc…..

How do I get to the condo or your property Manager(Playa Azul Realty) ?

If you are arriving during Playa Azuls normal business hours please click on the directions link on this webpage. The directions for my property manager (business known as Playa Azul Realty) are located on the left hand sidebar. The direction on the main page will be directly to the condo complex. Please go directly to the condo if you are arriving after Playa Azuls normal business hours.

What are all the Keys for ?

There are 5 keys that you will need in our complete. Two for our unit, one is for the main gate, the gate for the beach and the elevator.

How do you use the elevator ?

The elevators are for paid rental guests and owners. To use the elevator, use the large square gold key and insert it into the key slot above the floor numbers and twist it to your right.

How to access your Wi-Fi network, what is the password ?

The router is a Belkin router, please connect to this device and use the password stored and hand written on the bottom of the unit. The unit is located below the TV on the entertainment stand.

Light bulb needs replacing, general maintenance ?

If there is something that needs to be address in the unit during your stay please contact Playa Azul Realty. They will send a handy man to fix the issue as soon as possible. Most of our general supplies (light bulbs, toilet paper, etc.. will be stored in the bathroom closet). If there is an emergency please call the emergency number on the rental contract. Please leave a message!

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