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Direction to Condo - Apt 3e Sandy Hills Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Directions from San Jaun Airport (SJU) to our Sandy Hills Condo. I receive a lot of inquires in regards to directions from the aiport to our condo. The problem with most internet direction websites is that there is a new highway called hacienda 66 (RT 66) that was just built last year. So if you mapquest or google directions they are not the best. Granted you could take RT 26 East to RT 3 east and it would take out about 40 minutes or less to get to Luquillo from San Juan . RT 3 is a little bit of a slow road since there are many traffic lights. We take Rt 26 leaving the airport (can't miss it) usually you want to take a right out of the rental company area and go back through the airport for drop off and pick up. Once you are heading toward the exit you will see 26 este. Take that for about 4 to 5 miles. Then you will see the highway split, you are either going to take RT 3 este (Exit right) or hacienda 66 este (highway continues towards the left). I go Rt 66 because it cuts about 10 minutes or more off the trip and only costs a dollar to use. 66 goes for about 10 miles to so and you will come to the end of it via a traffic light. On the right is a large shopping complex with a lot of outlet mall shops. You will now be at the intersection of Rt 66 and Rt 3. Take a right on rt 3 este and stay on this for about 10 miles. You will enter the town of Luquillo , there will be a sign on the left entering the city. If you continue to the traffic light where there is a McDonalds go through that light and about a 1/4 mile down the road you will see a sign for Salida just in front of an overpass. At this point you will see the La playa Azul towers and the sandy hill towers on your left facing the ocean. When you take the salida exit take a left which take you under the bridge heading into the city. You will notice an exit ramp immediately to your left once you pass under the bridge and you want to take a left on the next street. There should be Bryan ’s deli right there on the corner. Once you enter this street take an immediate right, follow this straight until you come to a T, then take a quick left and quick right and you will be at the security gates of Sandy Hills.

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